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Can Poetry Save America Plume 

The Trouble with Poetry The Cortland Review
Some Thoughts on Hybrid, Liminal, and Prose Poetry Blurred Lines

The Other Plume

Writing Without Paper: Vermont's Poet Laureate
The State Of Reading In America  The Valley News
On Poetry: Frost, 'Birches' and the Sublime The Valley News

Swimming In the Drowned River of Contemporary American Poetry  The Valley News

In Westminster West, How Poetry Carries The News The Valley News

On Poetry, Looking Out From A Poem's Two Story Window The Valley News

American Readers Have A Love/Hate Relationship WithPoetry The Valley News

Like A Book At Evening... Cortland Review

Ode To Tom Lux  Cortland Review

5 Poems  Cortland Review 

Chard deNiord on Tom Lux  Plume
Like a Book at Evening  Cortland Review

The Trouble With Poetry  Cortland Review

The Sublime Irrationality of Love Cortland Review

Resistance and Independence in Contemporary American Poetry  Cortland Review

The Teasing Corners of Oblivion, On the Career of Ruth Stone  Green Mountain Review

James Wright  Literary Encyclopedia

Silence Amidst the Crowd, A Reading of Philip’s Levine’s “The Simple Truth” and “Call It Music,”  Literary Imagination

For Each Ecstatic Moment  Poetry International

The Place Where You Lie, A Reading of James Wright’s ‘To the Muse  New England Review

Electric Poetics  Poets and Writers

Sad Friend The Harvard Review

The Man Who Remembers His Shoes, Charles Simic The Harvard Review

Peter Balakian and the Poetry of Witness, a Reply   AGNI 41

In the Divide, Skeptic, Master, Stung Pilgrim  The New England Review

The High Place Of American Poetry, the Problem with Witness  AGNI 39

Gerald Stern  The Dictionary of Literary Biography

 The Nature Of Voice  The Associated Writing Programs Chronicle

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