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that love is dependent on memory,

that life is eternal and therefore criminal,

that thought is an invisible veil that covers our eyes,

that death is only another animal,

that beauty is formed by desperation,

that sex is solely a human problem,

that pets are wild in heaven,

that sounds and smells escape us,

that there are bones in the earth without any marker,

that language refers to too many things,

that music hints at what we heard before we sang,

that the circle is loaded, 

that nothing we know by forgetting is sacred,

that humor charges the smallest things,

that the gods are animals without their masks,

that stones tell secrets to the wildest creatures,

that nature is an idea and not a place,

that our bodies have diminished in size and strength,

that our faces are terrible,

that our eyes are double when gazed upon,

that snakes do talk, as well as asses,

that we compose our only audience,

that we are geniuses when we wish to kill,

that we are naked despite our clothes,

that our minds are bodies in another world.


From The Pushcart Prize

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